Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Confession.

I don't know if i am the only one but i really don't think i am in this one alone. It's something that was unintentionally brought to my attention by my best friend, i tend do disagree with people i don't like just for the sake of it even if deep down inside i think they are right or have a point, not just people i don't like, but people whom i disagree with usually, it's like i am on autopilot that if that person goes left i will go right, it's really crazy and because of it i lose alot of my credibility which is a shame because i know i am much better and smarter than that, because in almost every case i am right in front of myself.

Even more, i don't like people who obsess about things that they are not very well informed about. As a matter of fact people ignorantly obsessing about certain things provoke me and push me to bash that thing and disagree with whatever the hell they say about it even if it's right and i know what they say hold some truth. crazy or confusing?

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