Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sexual Harassment Part 2 (Their Story)

In the last post i wrote about sexual harassment and how it's an awful disease that infected this society, this time i will try to analyze why it happens and why it became something usual in our streets and what can be done to stop it. Many people tend to think that sexual harassment only occur in poor areas, but as a matter of fact it happens everywhere, all neighborhoods rich or poor, the ''reason why'' might be the only different factor between a rich guy harassing women and a poor guy doing the same thing, sexual harassment does not have really a social or an economical background.

Now let's consider one common factor between all Egyptians, despite everything wrong in this country believe it or not in 2007 Egyptians as people are still holding on to Islam and it's teachings even though we have a lot of bad habits such as sexual harassment that contradict the kind teachings of Islam and contributes massively in harming it's image and our reputation as a nation. Islam strictly forbids premarital sex and most Egyptians are abiding by that rule, but at the same time marriage in this country became the beast who chases every young male in his dreams. The high costs of marriage, finding a house not to mention the excessive demands and requests made by the bride and her family make marriage mission impossible for most Egyptians.

People need to open their eyes here and realize that sex is a basic human instinct just like hunger and humans haven't learned yet to get rid of it by a magic pill. And sexual hunger and loneliness contributes into transforming humans into Animals. Back in the days of the great Islamic Empire, premarital sex was of course forbidden but there was no such thing as sexual harassment, why? Back then marriage was quite easy and life requirements were much less, not to mention that people weren't greedy like now and their demands was quite realistic. Back then all it took is to be a good person coming from a decent family at the legal age of marriage at the time, and that was about it.

But today, as i said earlier marriage became almost mission impossible and a lot of youngsters became sexually frustrated and reached a desperate situation, so they find a breath of air in sexually harassing women, be it by words and stares going through the occasional touching and ending with rape, usually by people who reached rock bottom. Thats one of the main reasons behind sexual harassment.

Another reason is how women and girls became very negligent of their looks and appearance after marriage. You can wear a veil but still look decent you know? this way your husband won't have to turn his head 180 degrees whenever a foreign woman is walking the street. After marriage everything changes, the smell of perfume is replaced with the smell of onion and garlic, the make up becomes just an illusion of a distant past, the butterfly you married transform into an eating yelling screaming machine. Seriously how many were victims of that vicious con? and how do you think they will feel when they see an attractive young woman walking in the street, of course one away or another they will sexually harass her for that breath of fresh air.

Also one of the most important reasons for sexual harassment amongst the poorly educated class who represent a big portion of our glorious nation is how females are being portrayed as sex objects by a lot of our lovely very untalented artists. To make it as a female singer today it does not require you any talent of singing or a powerful voice or any of that old crap! It only takes a decent face a banging body and a will to display that package on TV. Now to these poorly people the message is crystal clear, ''these are women and this is what they are made for, displaying their bodies as a commodity''. Eventually they learn not to respect women and we end up oppressing them, it's all connected really.

One last thing is that every rule has it's exception and it all really comes down to how people are raising their children, and that has nothing to do with the social class or economical class. Some people despite their harsh conditions and their inability to marry still remain very respectful of women, some very well educated rich folks who happens to be married as well still disrespect women, mainly because they weren't raised properly or came from a home where women are being disrespected.

These were just few reasons out of millions why this disease is spreading, the solutions? They are simple really only if people are actually willing to do something:

1.To the religious figures in this country, start telling people that sexual harassment is everything against what Islam teaches as you keep telling them off premarital sex.

2.A massive media campaign that women are not sex objects and they actually have a great role in society. Women who achieved great useful things should be the models presented and not some naked 19 year old who is proud because she just showed her butt to 80 million people.

3.Improve the education and encourage respect for others personal freedoms, ''I may not disagree with what she wears but i do not have the right to harass her'' the kind of attitude we dream of, this is another thing that the Religious figures can promote.

4.Government financial contribution to help the young fresh poor class graduates finding jobs and settling down, monitor strictly how this help is divided fairly,be it in financial funding for their own private projects or in form of houses or any kind of these projects.

5.Strictly apply the law in any case of sexual harassment even if it's a minor case of verbal harassing, eventually when you set the example others will think twice before doing it.

6.People should consider their daughters and sons future and well being, but it's not really quite an Islamic or a morale thing to complicate marriage like a lot of Egyptians do now days.

If you have any comments, extra reasons why or other solutions please contribute.

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