Thursday, December 13, 2007

In my country there's a problem...

Sexual harassment, Sexual harassment is becoming a disease or a plague that threaten any female walking down the streets of Cairo. Any female and note that i opted to use the word female walking the streets of Cairo is a victim of sexual harassment be it a veiled woman or a none-veiled woman, a young teenager or a 50 year old it does not matter, she will get verbally abused and sometimes physically abused. This happens in a supposedly Islamic country where Muslims are supposed to be models for all the none Muslims and set an example on the greatness of Islam.

I mean come on if you had walked down the streets of Cairo during the danish cartoon fiasco and saw the anger on the people's faces you would have said these people would die for their own religion. You would have taken the impression that these people are actually jealous about their own religion and felt really offended of what that Danish newspaper had published about the Prophet (PBUH), and actually they were!.

But today in 2007, Egyptians seem to care much more about the shell of Islam and not the core itself. I remember a while back on facebook there was an argument about how today the girls dress in provocative revealing clothes and someone said that they deserve what comes to them!.That person isn't the only one with this kind of attitude, maybe he was the only one to admit it, but honestly how many think like that?

I mean people come on, isn't there a reward for the Muslim who resist temptations. If there is a woman wearing revealing clothes in the streets and you look to the other side instead of staring will you not be rewarded by god, isn't that Ghad-Al-Bassar is all about?

And what about the veiled Muslim girls? Are they being provocative by just walking in the streets? If you are so jealous about your own religion i think you should act in accordance with it and not like animals, because eventually people will say Muslims are animals and trust me alot of them do. By doing that you didn't only disobey god, you also harmed Islam and it's image.

Respect is something you earn, you're not born with it and to be respected you have to respect others. It's really simple, if you can't respect women then you're not a respectable human being not to mention a respectable Muslim. And if you want to change a situation that you don't like, then you should do it by kind words. These women walking down the streets are someone's sister or daughter or even mother, it could even be your wife. So if you tolerate this then your mother, daughter, sister, wife is going to be next.

To Be Continued.....

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